Shelbyville students win $1,500 foir Project Celebration from TxDOT

Shelbyville High School students recently participated in the TxDOT-Lufkin Project Celebration contest.

Annually, Texas Department of Transportation awards mini-grants to help sponsor Project Celebration lock-in or all night events. The funds can be used for post-graduation activities that focus on alcohol and drug free fun.

Shelbyville students chose to enter the traffic awareness display portion of the contest. The display had to be completed and submitted to TxDOT and remain on display at the entrance of the school.

We are happy to announce that  Shelbyville High School won first place in the display contest. The award of a $1,500 check  was presented by Melissa McKnight of TxDOT on May 13, to Shelbyville High School Project Celebration. Project Celebration will begin at 11 p.m. on May 24, 2019 in the Shelbyville Gym/Bandhall.

We are Dragon Proud! 

The Light and Champion

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