Thomas Clyde Bryant Jr. gets multiple 15 sentences on sex charges related to minors

Warrants issued for arrest of multiple court 'no-shows'

Bryant Sentenced to Multiple 15 Year Prison Terms

On July 25, 2019, Thomas Clyde Bryant Jr. pled guilty to five (5) second degree felony offenses and was sentenced to fifteen (15) years’ incarceration in each of the matters in the Texas Department of Corrections Criminal Justice Institutional Division by the Honorable Judge Charles Mitchell, visiting judge for the 123rd Judicial Court.

 Bryant pled guilty to one count of Sexual Performance of a Child, two counts of Attempted Sexual Performance of a Child, and two counts of Online Solicitation of a Minor.

 The offenses were all second degree felonies that carry a maximum punishment of twenty years’ incarceration. 

Bryant will be required to serve at least one-half of the sentences before being eligible for parole, and will be under a lifetime requirement to register as a sex offender when he is ultimately released.

 The District Attorney would like to commend Investigator Chad Brown of the Shelby County Sheriff’s office for his hard work and quick thinking in these matters.  Also, these cases provide a stark reminder to all parents to remain vigilant in the monitoring of their children’s on-line and social media presence.

DA Report July 10 and July 12

Dockets were called on July 10 and July 12, respectively, in the 273rd Judicial District Court, the Honorable Judge James A. Payne, Jr. presiding, which, combined, consisted of 40 cases. Shelby County District Attorney Stephen Shires disposed of 12 of the cases. Most of the cases were called for the purpose of determining the status of discovery being provided by the State. The cases are on scheduling orders and set for trial this fall and winter.

Docket Call for Older Cases Result in Resolution of 75 Cases

This past week, Shelby County District Attorney, Stephen Shires, scheduled a number of older, pending cases for docket/status hearings over three days (Wednesday –Friday) in both the 123rd and 273rd District Courts.

 In all, 165 matters were called for status conferences.  Seventy-five (75) cases were disposed.  Additionally, in State v. Jackson, the defendant received 8 years’ incarceration in the Texas Department of Corrections Criminal Justice Institutional Division for forgery and two 24 month sentences in the State Jail Division for drug-related offenses.

 A number of defendants did not appear in Court and, as a result, have warrants issued for their arrest.  The remaining cases have been placed on a scheduling order for trial in the October-January trial terms.

Capiases Issued for Defendants Who Did Not Appear in Court

The following individuals did not appear in court this past week, and, as a result, a warrant has been issued for their arrest:

Kaiman Deray Carter

Quinnon Gardner

Bryan Keith Green

Victoria Lanette Hamilton

Patrick Odell Sessions

Christopher Bolton

Kelby Thomas Daigle

Charles Patrick Davis

Paul Dickerson

Phillippe Falcon

Joel B. Fleming III

Brittani Hop Franklin

Travis Goodrum

Robin Louise Griffin

Bernard Jackson

Wesley Aaron Lawrence

Monica Lynn Liles

Keiausha Shundae Malone

Anthony Salas

Garry Lynn Weatherford

Patrick Lynn White

Elroy Young

Amity Leigh Arriola

Justin DeWayne Bridges

Say Eh Harold

Delonn Glenn

Jessy Ray Hamilton

Stephen Wayne Implom

Brandon Wayne Inglis

Augustin Jimenez

Sherella Marshall

Diego Martinez Jr.

Mohamed Abdifatah

Luis Rosas Sanchez

Elidio Santi-Garcia

Patricia Simmons

Teresa Raylean Smith

Ronnie Swindle

If you are one of the individuals listed, immediately contact your attorney to schedule a court appearance.  Should you voluntarily appear in court, the warrant will be rescinded and your case can be placed back on the docket with a scheduling order.  If you do not have a lawyer, contact your bondsman, or the District Attorney’s Office at 936.598.2489, to make arrangements to come to court.