Blood Drive at Holiday Nursing Center

June 24 from 12 - 4:30 p.m

Holiday Nursing Center will be hosting a blood drive by Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center from 12 to 4:30 p.m on June 24.

“The blood drive will be located in the front of our facility, ” Holiday Nursing Center Activities Director A’Leena Moore said. “Connie [Weaver] told us the Blood Center was struggling to get blood drives for the summer and were concerned with their blood supply. Because we were successful previously, they reached out to us. It takes 10 units of blood to consider blood drives a success and on the June 5 drive, we collected 11 units. This time, we are hoping for a minimum of 10 units but if we get at least a dozen, that would be awesome.”

According to, platelets have a shelf life of only five days, so a flow of continuous donors is essential.

“The Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center supplies blood to East Texas hospitals, as well as in the Gulf Coast Area,” GCRBC Account Manager Connie Weaver said. “During the summer the blood supply suffers because people are on vacation, schools are out, colleges are out, so we don’t have the usual sources of blood, so ten units are very successful. Ten units can save up to thirty lives.”

Volunteers who donated at the previous blood drives are eligible to give blood on June 24 because the proper time has elapsed.

“After the blood drive, it’s taken up to our blood center in Nacogdoches before heading to our lab in Houston to be tested,” Weaver said. “Once it is approved, then we go to hospitals all over. You never know who’s life you are going to save.”

“We are holding a blood drive at Holiday Nursing Center because we are invested in our community and interested in helping our community in any way we can,” Moore said. “This something that is worth our time and efforts.”

Blood drives have been sponsored by Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center for at least twenty years in Center.

“You never know when your blood might be needed,” Weaver said. “In life-threatening situations, donating blood the same day isn’t helping that person. It’s better to keep donating blood. We have very faithful donors. We have many people in Center who donate blood four times a year and they truly are saving lives.”

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center will be hosting a blood drive at Pine Grove Nursing home June 14 from 12 to 4:30, and also plans to host one at Farmers State Bank in the future.

“It only takes 20 minutes to come out and donate blood,” Moore said. “You are saving a life and that is worth a lifetime to whoever receives it.”