Judge Payne faced full Tuesday felony docket

Arrest warrants issued for no-shows for arraignments, according to DA's office

On Jan. 22, in the 273rd Judicial District Court of Shelby County, Honorable James A. Payne Jr. presiding, ninety-four (94) felony cases were set on the docket for arraignment, status hearings, and other pretrial purposes.

Twelve cases were disposed. In all but a couple of the cases set for status hearings, discovery had been completed.

 Shelby County District Attorney Stephen Shires and defense attorneys on numerous of the cases set for status hearing indicated that the cases were close to being resolved via plea bargain.

A number of defendants did not show up for their arraignment at court. As a result, warrants for their arrest have been issued.

The cases that aren’t disposed by plea bargain are set on the May-June trial docket.

Failure to appear warrants issued by Payne for the following:

  1. Michael Andrews
  2. Keodrick Boyd
  3. Demetrius Brooks
  4. James Alan Brooks
  5. Christopher Burch
  6. James Cartwright
  7. Michael Courville
  8. Tesha Nicole Hubbard
  9. Dekota Carteze James
  10. Arron Oneal Jeffery
  11. Jonathan Bernard Miles
  12. Joseph Ray Nash
  13. Timothy Justin Orme
  14. Zachary Kevin Oswalt
  15. John Russell Ross
  16. Larry Gene Sanders
  17. Justin Todd Short
  18. Marco Watts
  19. Joe Lee Williams
  20. Gabriel Enett
  21. Preston Jermaine Powers